7 Star Thor from the Signature pure wool collection is produced in Holland to the highest and most luxurious standards. Made up of 70% New Zealand wool and 30% European wool, Thor is a hardwearing and durable carpet. Additionally, since wool is a natural fibre, the carpet is hypoallergenic, helping you improve indoor air quality. Especially, when it comes to keeping those allergy and asthma triggers at bay.  These floor coverings are also fire and stain-resistant. With a luscious and thick 70oz fibre weight, the carpet guarantees warmth and comfort to any interior. While chunky loops on the top layer create a smoother surface, they offer additional spring and cushioning in the yarn. Soft but resilient, natural yet unfussy—a Signature wool carpet like Thor adds textural interest and tactility to any home. With all carpets available in 4-metre widths, they’re ideal for larger areas too.

With proper maintenance, these soft flooring solutions can last you a lifetime. They’re incredibly hardwearing and durable, but also sustainable and a smart ecological choice. Wool carpets are typically insulating in winter, but offer a cooling effect in summers. They absorb moisture from the environment without feeling damp.  Fibres are also renewable, biodegradable and make for healthier choices for your home.

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