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Wall vinyl

Wall vinyl

Nowadays, everybody is really interested in customizing their stuff. For example, it happens a lot when people are not happy with the final look of their newly designed house. Therefore, they usually start decorating their house by themselves. Walls are one of the best places in which we can focus on and change the atmosphere of our house. Wall vinyl has been produced to meet such a demand in the market. We need more than ever to have many different options so that we could design as we wish. Here, in this essay, we will talk about vinyl as one of the most popular markets.

What is wall vinyl?

Wall vinyl is known as a wall sticker or wall decal. As we said, it is going to be mounted on the walls for decorative and informative purposes. For example, you might need to make your son's room sportier. This is when you can get help from vinyl and come up with nice designs. Also, it would be great for offices and companies as they can paste important and general information as wall vinyl on the wall. So, it is used in both residential as well as commercial areas.

Wall vinyl types and size

The sizes are very variable. However, wall vinyl products are between 30*50, 60*100, and 100*100 centimeters. They could cover the entire or just some parts of it depending on their functions. They might be words, pictures, and designs. In most cases, they are not reusable.

What are wall vinyl products famous for?

Wall vinyl is one of the best choices when you decide to do the job yourself. You can easily mount it yourself. Originally, they were used for sign making. However, now, they are a big part of interior design. So, they are very famous for the novelty and the fact that they can be installed by people themselves.

How to apply wall vinyl products? 

They are very famous because they are DIY products. Let see how we can do it. First, you need to have wall vinyl and an applicator tool. Also, you should have some scissors, tape, and level. First, please make sure the wall is completely clean. Also, if it has been pained recently, you should wait until it gets dry. It lets the product sticks very well. The level is used to make sure the wall is straight. 

You should then paste the product just under the level and try the vertical hinge method. What is it? first, mount a vertical tape in the center of the product. then, you have to peel the backing paper off and cut the white paper. Next, use the applicator tool to press the vinyl onto the wall. When you are finished, you can remove the clear top sheet. Do this very gently so that only the clear top is removed and not the vinyl itself. Tracing over the design with your fingers or a soft cloth is the last thing to rest assured it is not going to fall. 


People are looking for customizing their house and office. Wall vinyl is a product that can help you make it happen. You can easily paste it on the wall by following some simple steps. Now, they are in different designs, colors, and pictures for different purposes. They are used as informative and decorative figures on your wall. Also, they can cover your wall partially or entirely. 

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