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How to make your room appear larger

How to make your room appear larger

Have you ever wished you could have a bigger house?? What about having at least a room that looks larger??? Well, many people think of it. You may have tried different designing tricks for maximizing the space that you have, from painting the walls a light colors to choose sheer of curtains or placing your lamps carefully. But remember that making the most out of your flooring in our idea is the most important trick for having a bigger room.

What types of flooring make a room look bigger?
By selecting the right kind of flooring you can help shifting the focus of the rooms’ size towards the rooms appeal and also its function. The five flooring tips below can help giving the people the illusion of having a larger space in their rooms.

1_Light and dark flooring

selecting the lighter color flooring can be helpful to complement your furniture and also it is able to expand their look of the size for any room and can open the pace right up. Thank about the cream carpet, its natural and neutral color is able to tone the tiles and whitewashed wood flooring. These stunning, light and neutral kind of colors can give a room an open and also spacious feel, and make it look larger, also drawing it in the natural sunlight from outside.

Do the dark floors make a room look smaller or bigger?

It may be hard to believe but remember that even the dark wood flooring can help to make your room look bigger dark flooring suggested inviting feel and opens up the space so it seems that your room is bigger than its actual size. No matter what kind of colors you have chosen, either the rich colors or the softer dark ones, they both have their advantages when it comes to expanding the appearance of a place. There is nothing to be worried about when the dark wood is included, remember that as soon as the dark wood paired with the right cooling shade for the wall color, space can appear much bigger than it really is.

2_One flooring for all rooms

Another practical trick for having a bigger room when it comes to look at, is using the same flooring in several places in the home. Using the same flooring in different rooms of a home is proven to create a seamless effect that helps each room flow, this can make a smaller space in home appear larger and part of something bigger. On the other hand we need to think about the bathroom flooring separately too. Since we face with humidity and wetness in this place, we need to be careful in choosing the best kind of flooring. The one that is able to withstand the mentioned factors.

3_Parallel or diagonal flooring

Believe it or not even the way flooring is installed can also help your room looks bigger than its actual size. As one of the most practical and general trick of the trade, installing flooring like boards running parallel to the longest wall in the room can continuously make a room appear larger and more spacious. Still you need to remember that when you want to select the carpet for your small place you need to avoid choosing busy floral shape or too-intricate patterns, and you’d better select something like vertical stripes instead, it helps to elongate the space.

Another flooring installation trick that is helpful for opening up and making the cramped room bigger is to install borders and toilets in the diagonal way. Of course this technique doesn't follow any standards and it's a common thing to do, but it helps the eyes believe that the space is both larger and vaster.

4_Planks over strips

As far as space enhancing tricks go this can be one of the easiest way to be accomplished simply choose the wider planks over the strips with your at least 3 inches in size. Planks are able to make the room feel less busy and on the other hand more open due to the fact that there are less seams in the floor, as less boards are needed. Actually it’s that simple and easy.

5_Large tiles

The same as the larger planks making a room to look bigger words exactly the same as tiles. You are recommended to select tiles which are at least 12 inch squares to help open up the space. Don't forget the two ideal options, luxury vinyl tiles and the carpet floor tiles which are typically available in different sizes that is great.

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