Flooring tips for every rooms of the home

Flooring tips for every rooms of the home

One essential thing about any home is the interior design, no mother you are building a new home or buying a place to live, flooring is what you have to pay good attention to. If you think about that specific part of the house which is covered by the floors you will understand why flooring has a great influence on your homes’ appearance and beauty. This can make a decision that whether a space looks relaxing, fancy, warm, intimate, Cozy or large.

No mother you are a professional person or a home owner who tends to find the best floor for any rooms you will find out that getting the right floor type for each room can be hard with dozens of materials available. After understanding and getting along with this point, we can put tool tips for choosing the best flooring in every room together. Of course you cannot find the one-size-fits-all when you’re choosing the right floor for your home, you will understand that unique tips like considering what a room will be used for, the location of your room, the money that you want to spend on, and your style are common and universal.

1_Take hints from your daily situation

When you are thinking about the flooring type, you should step back and look at your unique situation this is the best way to start. How many rooms do you have in your house? who uses each room? do you have pets or children? and which rooms do they frequent? how often do you clean the floor? what do you want to spend in each room?
By answering the above question we can look at each flooring type and find out how its strengths and also weaknesses will work out based on the unique situation. For example a type of floor which is easier to be cleaned is a suitable one for those who have children and pets that spend most of their time in the living areas.
People with allergies like asthma or rhinitis should be careful when they are making decisions on the carpet or synthetic flooring that releases gases which can worsen the asthma.
If the seniors are going to use the room then you should pay attention and consider asleep resistance comfort and shock absorption (in the event of fall).
You may also want to ensure that your flooring option allows aids, like walking frames, crutches and wheelchairs to move without any problem. So you may want to avoid hard materials like natural stones and the preferable options for such rooms include carpet and rubber.

2_Consider the location of your home
Erin Eberlin in one website advises that “the area of the country in which your property is located can also have an impact on the best type of flooring to use.” He also mentions that “In the areas that are hot all year round and those with a lot of humidity, tile is often preferred over hardwood or carpet.”
Except the properties location you need to consider each room location in the property for example the Home entrance will be busier in comparison to one en suite bathroom.
So you may want to consider the tiles in such an area as opposed to carpet or wood.

3_Keep the furniture value of your property in mind

As a person who owns a home one important factor that you should always keep in mind is the property’s value many people want to find a reasonable item for the time that they may decide to sell their property. So you may need to ensure that you have chosen the floors that is able to make your house look more expensive and attractive for the future owners.

4_Select flooring based on room function

As much as you think about the room’s function before it is furnished, you have to determine how the flooring in each room will impact that room’s activities. For example you may spend a lot of time on your food when you’re working in the kitchen and the floor probably gets oily. So, in this case, you may look for a flooring type for your kitchen which is ‏non-slip and easier to get cleaned. The different types like Vinyl, laminate or tile would be the best choice here.

Let’s take a quick look on the mail room in the home and then pair them with the appropriate flooring options relate to their functions.
Kitchen: since we can find traffic here and we need to consider safety and cleaning as well then vinyl, laminate and ceramic tile are good to be used.
Family living room: Living room is the most popular place in any home not only for your family but also for your guests too. So the best and the most popular types of flooring in this place are solid wood and engineered wood. Since carpet is warm and inviting, it is considered as a best choice.
Bedroom: All of us spent a huge amount of time in our bedrooms sleeping, working or relaxing. Therefore, carpeting is the best option for this room because we are mostly barefooted in this place. Wood, laminate and vinyl are also great options for bedrooms.

Kids’ playroom: the flooring type in this place is likely to have much abuse, so it must be flexible while remaining comfortable. This is the reason why rubber flooring considers as a best option here.

Porches, mud rooms, and entryways:
The combination of flexibility and the beauty must be considered in these three mentioned areas, because in these places spaces will be used by almost everyone who comes to your home. Don’t forget the tile flooring and mainly Ceramic and porcelain, because these tires are stronger and easier to clean are good options to be used. Remember natural stones can also work well in this area.
Bathrooms: The average time does a human being spent in the bathroom it’s around 416 days of their life or or 23 minutes a day so the bathroom should has flexible and beautiful floor. The best tiles here may include clay, stone, sheet vinyl and linoleum.

Home office: with many people working from home this room is getting more attention. Thus durability and being both comfortable and practical should be highlighted here. Think about carpet ,wood, ceramic tile vinyl and laminate for it.

5_Keep your personality in mind

Remember that your home, your room in your home, or generally a place you live in can be used to show your personality. for example when a person is interested in nature and wants to show the connection with nature may want to go with solid or stone while when the person is looking for more contemporary like may be interested in glossy finish porcelain.

6_Choose a color based in the mood you want to create
distinct colors can create different atmosphere and moods in a room for example the color red can make a room feel cozy. Still, you’re recommended to avoid using this color in bedrooms because it’s stimulating. However, If you want to choose a flooring color for a child’s bedroom, you may want to go with something bright and bold. The color of your flooring is able to show your personality for example when a person is outgoing she or he may want to choose bright colors such as yellow while a person is more reserved sure he may want a darker color like green. So, you may want to consider the personalities of different members of your family before you determine the type or color flooring to put in their rooms.

7_Watch the trends

Like the time that you devote on clothes and fashion, you will also need to adapt to change. For example new technologies are coming up all the tile flooring that may have been a no-no in bathrooms a decade ago, may be suitable to be used in these spaces. The reason is that technology has made such flooring safer or more waterproof. In case you’re looking for a environmentally friendly product you may want to look for natural and recyclable flooring options like cork or bamboo flooring.

8_Seek consistency
In case you like to choose different flooring options in your home you would want to ensure your home has a continuous flow when looked at as a whole. Pay attention to plan it correctly unless this will create and eyesore. It’s why we give advice to the homeowners to follow the “Less than three” rules which gives this rule that you shouldn’t have more than three kinds of materials per floor in a home.

Before you settle for a flooring option look at other items in the room. For example the color of the room’s furniture, the lightening or the plants in a room can show if you go with something more contemporary like glossy finish porcelain or hardwood.

9_Ensure you can meet installation requirements

Do you like to hire a professional guy to install your flooring or not you want to do it on your own if you plan to do it yourself you will need to ensure that you select the flooring option that you know how to work with. People will likely see if a job has been done by someone who doesn’t have the skills. If you like to do it yourself remember that laminate and engineered flooring or the easiest ones. However you will need to ensure that you have the right tools and assistance you need to do a job you will be proud of. But if you decide to give this responsibility to professionals then you may want to ensure that there are skilled people where you live to do a proper job and in case you live in a remote place you may understand that only a few people can do a specific flooring type. So you may like to select an option which you can easily get someone to come and install for you.

10_Focus on maintenance

some flooring options such as tiles are easily able to be cleaned on the other hand some others like carpet needs more work to maintain also some wooden floor floors may need to be sanded and varnished all the time. But those which need less attention and maintenance can be good option in case you don’t want to be worried about, like a stone or ceramic tiles.

11_Decide for how long you want to keep the floor

If you’re into renovating your flooring choice may be different from a person who wants to keep the same load for longer time example you may want to get the tenants attention to your property by paying attention to the trends in the flooring market. So this is obvious that you don’t need to pay attention to the durability when you want to change the flooring in the room after a short period of time you may also want to choose the flooring option that will be easier to remove like a carpet. On the other hand, if you want to keep the room for a longer time sheet vinyl, natural stone, ceramic and porcelain will be the best options.

12_Consider the budget

For a normal home, options like marble and granite can be expensive that reaches $3000.Beside the matter of installation you would also want to consider the cost of taking good care of the floors. For example, wooden floors may need more caring in comparison to the ceramic tiles. Carpets may be cheaper but needs more effort to clean. Therefore, it is necessary to start by making decisions on what you like to spend. And when you know what you want to spend will ensure that you won’t end up being broke and going over budget in case you’re choosing your preferred flooring options.

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