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Residential vinyl sheet

Residential vinyl sheet

People often get confused when they hear the vinyl sheet. Of course, it is one of many different types of flooring products in the market. Before understanding what a residential vinyl sheet is, we have to determine what is the vinyl flooring. So, in this essay, we would like to define what the vinyl sheet means and how we can separate it from similar products out there. Let's get started by defining vinyl flooring.

What is vinyl flooring?

We have talked about this in previous essays. However, for those who don’t know, vinyl flooring is a synthetic product. people use it for high traffic and humid areas because of its high durability and resistance to moisture. Also, it is often confused with laminate flooring. So, here is the next question!

What is a residential vinyl sheet?

It is hard to define the vinyl sheet. However, let's do our best. Here are some factors for you to consider when getting confused by the diversity of flooring products.

- it's suitable for commercial use when there are too many coming and going. 

- It is a multilayer and resilient product

- It comes in different appearance including wood, stone, tile, and decorative looks. 

- The product efficiently economical even for people who are low on budget.

- Maintenance stuff such as cleaning is very easy to do. 

- Most vinyl sheets are mounted with a fiberglass layer. This layer is responsible for keeping the sheet erect and avoiding curling in it. Also, the layer allows implementing double-sided adhesive tape instead of glue down application.

- Vinyl sheet is greatly protected by a wear layer and a topcoat. This doesn’t let scuffs and scratches damage the floor. 

residential vinyl sheet vs. Luxury vinyl

What's the difference? In fact, the difference is not that much. in vinyl Luxury tiles or planks constitute the floor to imitate natural flooring. However, the vinyl sheet is made of large sheets. Also, luxury vinyl is a bit more resistant to traffic.

residential vinyl sheet vs. vinyl tile

What's the difference between a vinyl sheet and vinyl tile? With a vinyl sheet, you have to install the floor with one or two large pieces. However, you can customize designs endlessly with vinyl tile. Also, vinyl tile is more fashionable than sheet vinyl because it is more diverse.

Besides, vinyl sheet is not as durable and easy-to-install as vinyl tile. The result of the vinyl sheet might have very tiny curling, while the vinyl tile is curling-free. Both sheet and vinyl and vinyl tile can be recycled. Also, transportation is easier in vinyl tile than sheet vinyl. Because vinyl tile usually lasts longer, you might end up spending more on the sheet vinyl maintenance cost.


as we said, sheet vinyl flooring is one of the classes of vinyl flooring which comes in big, steady, and very flexible sheets. One of the best things about it is that it is waterproof and many other features that separate vinyl sheets from other products. Here, we simply defined it and did some comparisons.

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