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Don’t Choose the Wrong Grade of Carpet!

Selecting new Carpet for your home can be really confusing and frustrating because of all the various carpet types, styles and quality levels to choose from.


Carpet Prices are Always Going Up!

New Carpet for an average two-bedroom home today can easily cost anywhere from $1200 to $4000 or more, and might only last for only 3 short years or perhaps more than 20 years if you know how to choose wisely!

The key, is Understanding, how to choose the right carpet based on your needs, goals and lifestyle; To make sure you have it properly installed; And maintain it according to the carpet manufacturer’s warranty guidelines and requirements. It’s not as easy as most folks think and getting it wrong can cost you very much.


As helpful as carpets’ brochures might seem at first glance, there is only limited information provided to help customers to get wise and informed choices. They point out all the positive qualities of the various types of carpet and carpet styles but fail to point out all the negative aspects that homeowners really need to know about.

For example, did you know that looped pile styles can be a great choice for many homeowners if chosen wisely, installed properly and the correct underlay is selected. But, what they don’t tell you is that children and pets can easily snag the loops causing them to come loose and easily ruin the carpet very quickly. This type of carpet damage is difficult and costly to repair and the carpet warranty does not cover snagged or pulled loops.

On we expose the carpet industry for what it is,  and help unsuspecting homeowners gain enough key information to choose new carpet wisely,

Otana Flooring will help you to choose the right carpet for your home.